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Through an at-home sleep study, we will track your breathing and oxygen patterns using a state-of-the-art, do-it-yourself kit. This device is used for the evaluation of possible sleep apnea, which affects millions of American adults.

Our Process

Step 1

Home Sleep Testing

Request a Type III home sleep testing device, which will be delivered directly to your door.

Step 2

Overnight Oximetry Test

Following one to two nights of use, you will return the device via mail or drop-off.

Step 3

Your test will be scored and interpreted by a Whitney Sleep Diagnostics specialist. 

Step 4

Physicians Consultations

Together we will review your sleep data and implement a treatment plan that suit your specific needs.

Over 90% of patients who seek treatment achieve better sleep.
With the options now available, a good night’s sleep is within reach.

Insurance Information

Narcolepsy screening and treatment

Within Your Reach

Better Sleep

To ensure your path to a good night’s sleep is affordable, we do the legwork required to get your home sleep test billed through insurance.

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